Project meeting 15 October 2013, Paris, France

This meeting is co-located with the EU FP7 SyncFree project kick-off meeting.

UPMC, Jussieu Campus, Tour 26-00/101, 14:00—17:30


  • Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer, Score
  • Tyler Crain, Regal
  • Brice Nédelec, Nantes
  • Nuno Preguiça, UNL
  • Marc Shapiro, Regal
  • Pascal Urso, Score
  • Marek Zawirski, Regal
  • Guest: Carlos Baquero, U. do Minho (Portugal)


Technical presentations

  • Brice Nédelec (Univ. de Nantes) - LSEQ: an adaptive structure for sequences in distributed collaborative editing (PDF / latex source)
  • Brice Nédelec (Univ. de Nantes) - Concurrency Effects Over Variable-size Identifiers in Distributed Collaborative Editing (PDF / latex source)
  • Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer (Loria) - Improving Textual Merge Result (PDF / latex source)
  • Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer (Loria) -Concurrency Control and Awareness Support for Multi-synchronous Collaborative Editing (PDF / latex source)

Organisational discussion

  • Deliverables and future work: see Status of Deliverables page.
  • Relation with SyncFree FP7 project: Syncfree started on 1-oct-2014, continues the ConcoRDanT work, expanded to a larger scale, with international academic and industrial partners.
  • Final workshop: Decided to submit a proposal to the EuroSys 2014 conference, on Principles and Practice of Eventual Consistency (PePEC) (PDF of proposal). Update 24-Oct-2013: workshop proposal accepted.